Welcome to the Holidays

Dear Readers,

It’s the second week of October. If you have children, your house probably has an orange theme going right now… or you are feeling guilty because you haven’t yet transitioned the décor. (Forget the guilt; there‘s still plenty of time.) Regardless of your kid status, it’s undoubtedly fall; even Los Angeles, where the temps have been in the 90s, is saturated in All Things Pumpkin. Some people think that the phrase “the holidays” refers to December festivities, but we think that it should be applied to the entire final quarter of the year. Here’s why:

From here on out, it’s all holidays all the time until 2018. From general autumnal vibe (red and yellow leaves, sweaters—or the idea of sweaters if you live in a warmer climate—and the aforementioned pumpkin-spice everything), we glide into Halloween proper: there will be no escaping black cats, jack-o-lanterns, sexy [fill-in-the-blank] costumes and bite-sized chocolates beckoning us with their sugary goodness.

After All Hallow’s Eve, BAM, we’re into Thanksgiving. Witches fly away until next year, candy corn becomes a cornucopia, and Dia de Los Muertos dioramas are switched out for hand-shaped turkeys. Oh, but the scarecrows can stay; they, along with pumpkins, are fine. For now.

Come December, it’s a whole new holiday world with its distinct color schemes and tastes. So, let’s face it: the holidays have started and they’re here for the long haul. We can’t change it, so we might as well have a slice of pumpkin bread and embrace it.

Happy holidays, from Scarlet Letters.


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