Red Letter Day

It’s National Read a Book Day, and you will probably not be surprised to learn that the women of Scarlet Letters Copywriting are thrilled. We love books: we studied Literature in college, we named our company after a classic, and we enjoy few things more than a trip to the bookstore. (See giddy pic below outside Powell’s, the world’s largest independent bookseller.)



According to the folks at, on September 6, everyone is encouraged to “grab a book we might enjoy and spend the day reading.” It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it? However, some of us have to work… and help with fourth-grade math homework… and figure out what’s for dinner. But, when all of that’s done today, we’re going to bypass Facebook and Twitter for iBooks, or maybe even crack open an old-fashioned printed tome. Books were our favorite pastime growing up, and, it turns out that they still are.

Sometimes, the planets align themselves and all things seem right with the world. (Not often, we admit.) But, get this: National Read a Book Day is also National Coffee Ice Cream Day. Nirvana!

We just decided what to have for dinner.

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