We’re Sinking Our Teeth Into This Company Goal

FullSizeRenderIt’s good for any-sized business to set goals. In our almost-thirteen years of partnership, we’ve had many. They include: diversify clients (check!), update website (check!), boost social media posts (working on it!) and, of course, the relentless challenge of increasing revenue.

But, on a recent venture to California’s Eastern Sierras, we set a new, fun and very specific company goal: we want to sample something from every business listed in the Dining section of the Mammoth Lakes Tourism Official Visitor Guide.

Let us explain. Since 2014, we have checked facts for Mammoth’s Tourism office, ensuring that addresses, websites and descriptions are accurate and up-do-date. It occurred to us this summer that we’ve been fortunate to visit the charming town three times in the past two years. And, during those trips, we’ve enjoyed a wide variety of cuisines offered in the small, mountain town: we’ve experienced “Fine Alpine Dining” at Skadi (named for the Norwegian goddess of hunting and skiing), fabulous pizza at Nik ‘n’ Willies (ironically, owned by Enrique and Carlos), pie-in-a-jar from Mimi’s Cookies and—our favorite so far—the unforgettable shishito peppers (with goat cheese! and lime juice!) at the Westin’s Whitebark Restaurant.


So, we figure, why not make it official and set a company goal? There are just over 80 non-chain restaurants in town, and we’ve visited more than 20 of them… which makes us 25% done already!


Ramenya Noodle House and Salsa’s Taqueira: we’ll see you soon.


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