In the Words of Woody Allen…

Ah, the world– and the words– of Woody Allen. First, there are the printed words: the comfortingly familiar font in black & white on the screen as the movie begins. You know you are entering a world where New York is always beautiful, love is always alive and (usually) well, and people always wear soothing shades of brown.

And then there are the spoken words: characters express themselves in complex sentences, they say “may” instead of “can,” and “one” rather than “you.” In this age of text message abbreviations and the use of happy or sad faces to express emotion, we need this.

Thank you, Woody Allen.

One thought on “In the Words of Woody Allen…

  1. Rose

    beautifully said. now i may have to watch vicky christina barcelona again. and it’s true, they do wear a lot of brown in that movie…

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